Jordan - Harding Family Tree
Our family history going back to Jordans from Newry; Robinsons from Congletion; Woods from Deptford; Wadsworths from Brindle/Hoghton; Hardings and Buchanans from Liverpool; Gilbert/Jelbert from Cornwall and Prax from Manchester.
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1 Jan 2000 - Once does not end. Experts blame Y2K.

5 May 1821 - Napolean dies in exile on St. Helena.

19 Oct 1781 - Blaming, "...that burrito I ate last night," Lord Cornwallis sends an aide to surrender his sword after Yorktown.

19 May 1536 - Anne Boleyn fails to keep a level head.

9 Sep 1492 - Columbus threatens to, '...turn this boat right around,' if the crew doesn't stop complaining about the food.

1013 - Sweyn Forkbeard invades England and Aethelred II "The Unready" flees to Normandy.

1 Jan 1000 - The world does not end�Catholic Church blames the Julian Calendar.

21 Apr 612 - Sir Robin bravely runs away.

3 Apr 33 - Brian takes one for the team.

15 Mar 44 BCE - Julius Caesar murdered.